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Who We Are

Setting the Standards in Custom Chassis and Tank Truck Manufacturing since 1950

For decades, Engine & Accessory, Inc. has produced innovative products and solutions to meet the demands of our customers and their industries. Our proven performance carries on to superior service and support for our customers.

From off-highway to over-the-road, our comprehensive line of equipment provides unsurpassed performance and dependability, offering solutions for a wide range of liquid transport and delivery needs. Our products are shipped worldwide through an extensive distribution network.

Robert Smith Rampstar
Engine and Accessory Shop

Our Mission

Leverage our prosperous manufacturing heritage and passion for continuous improvement to grow our business significantly and drive meaningful, repeatable results for our clients, starting on day one.

Engineer the right tank truck solution for every client and execute it flawlessly in every industry. 

Core Values


We design, involve, and build new solutions and technologies to overcome challenges.


We strive never to surprise anyone with anything. We share information with our clients for the common good.


We strive to house all kinds of projects, and we work to make all opportunities affordable and attainable. 

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