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Built Tough for the Road Ahead, Right Here in the USA

All Liquid Transport Solutions Under One Roof

What We Offer

We are committed to making custom manufacturing accessible to all. We provide a comprehensive approach to engineering, designing, and building tank trucks. We work with you through the entire process. 

Tank Truck

Why Choose EAM

Industry Knowledge

We have over 72 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Our engineers and sales team offer turn-key solutions to our customers from design to market. 


Our production department and support staff are dedicated to superior products and services, providing a fully customized vehicle following customers' industry needs.

Durable, High-Quality Materials

We regard product quality as the life of our company. Our thoughtful detailing process is embodied in the excellent craftsmanship of each tank truck.

Customer Satisfaction

We continually deliver superior technical support while simultaneously providing industry-leading customer satisfaction and support.

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Made the Right Way


"After going to Miami and seeing what choices I had there was no other choice but to buy a brand new truck from Engine & Accessory, Inc. because I felt like my money was being well spent. If you purchase a pump truck anywhere else in Miami you probably settled for second best or less."
Tank Truck Customer

Gregg Goldstein

"After 7 months of running my 2007 Mack I can honestly say these trucks are the cream of the crop. The Mack with the MP8, Allison Trans with Air Ride is sweet. Even nicer is the NVE 4310 Blower Pump with the muffler. Engine & Accessory, Inc. made us 3 works of art, it’s a shame the 4000 gallon tanks get filled with septic."
Tank Truck Customer

Robert Negrete

Owner, All Cen Tex Septic

"I would highly recommend this company. They build outstanding trucks and the attention to detail and workmanship really shows. All of my competitors have built trucks from other companies and are constantly having issues. I personally have 3 trucks made by EAM and have never had issues."
Tank Truck Customer

Zach North

Owner, Miller Septic

Work Smarter - Not Harder

The Brands Driving Your Business Forward in 2023

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National Vacuum Equipment, Inc.


  • Do you sell engines?
    No, we do not sell engines. Although welded into our business name, we do not sell engines for vehicles.
  • Why do you use the @rampstar in your emails?
    RampStar is a trademark owned by Engine & Accessory, Inc. It is how our journey began and grew into what it is today, one of the most recognizable manufacturing companies in America. RampStar is a heavy-duty chassis manufacturer company that deals with many aircraft refueler bodybuilders. Check it out at
  • Can I bring in my tank truck?
    Yes, if we are your tank truck manufacturer, you may bring in your tank truck, and our service team will assist you with any issues. Please call to schedule an appointment at (305) 573-2268. Unfortunately, we cannot service your tank truck if we are not the tank truck manufacturer. However, if you are an existing customer and have purchased tank trucks from us in the past and now have a different manufacturer but need help with any components, we do offer our services.
  • Where can I find more information about RampStar chassis?
    Check out to explore all RampStar chassis models and ground support equipment, including airport service units and refueler tank trucks.
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